‚ÄčElongated Mouth Gate Latch (RGL2)


The Elongated Mouth Gate Latch is the next generation of single sided gate latches.  Through out the seasons gate change is size due to weather.  The elongated mouth allows the strike bar to move with the seasons.  This huge mouth allows the user to simply open the gate without the need to adjusted it with every season.  It also features padlock storage at the bottom of the latch.  When the pool guy, gardener, friends or the pizza guy are coming over simply put your pad lock in the storage spot and the gate can now be used.  The storage location gives the impression that the gate is locked when really is not so that any unwanted visitors will be less likely to open your gate.  The design of the this latch allows the gate latch to be easily unlatch even if the gate is out of alignment or old and in need of repair.   The Elongated Mouth Gate Latch makes life easy.  Buy one for your family today.  It is Available on Amazon or at many fine retailers.  MSRP 13.99