The Dual-Sided Gate Latch is the most revolutionary gate latch on the market.  It was designed so that the user can lock or unlock a padlock from either side of a gate.  The unique locking point is located between the post and the gate in the middle of the post.  This location allows the user to easily swing the padlock to the front or the back of the gate.  It also features two levers.  One lever  in the front of the latch and one lever in the back.  These levers make unlatching the latch very easy for the user.  There is no more need for a string or reaching over the gate to unlatch the gate.  Throughout the year gates change in size and position because of weather. This latch has an elongated mouth to allow the gate to move with the seasons. The elongated mouth allows the strike bar to move with the gate without having to be adjusted by the user.  Next, the latch has a lock storage hole in the front of the latch.  This storage location allows the user to store their lock there when the pool guy, gardener, friends, or the pizza guy is coming over and need to use the gate.  We recommend a 1" gap between the post and the gate for installation.  The gap can be as small as 5/8" but the lock storage will not function properly.  For gates that have a small gap we recommend notching the gate to the proper gap.  This latch is easy to install with three mounting holes.  It can be installed on double or single gates.  It can be used on wood, steel, or vinyl gates.  The Dual-Sided Gate Latch is innovation at its best.  Buy one for your family today.

The Dual Sided Gate Latch is available on Amazon and at many fine retailers.  MSRP 23.99

The Dual-Sided Gate Latch (RGL1)